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Light Pixel Web Design is a Web Design company from Romania, with the headquarters in Bucharest, specialized in Web Design, web programming (ecommerce, shopping cart, Ecommerce Shopping Carts and Online Stores). E-commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services on the Internet. E-Commerce Solutions offers complete front and back end technology to do business on the web.

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Shopping cart - A virtual shop will help you increase your sales. Without salesmen and stocks, open 24 h a day, accesible from anywhere and by anyone that has an Internet connection; these are a few advantages of an electronic shop. This kind of comert electronic shopcontains :
» products information, products prices, the customer can select the items and add them to the shopping cart
» a search module for the catalogue so that the visitor can find more easily a certain product
» a system that allows the information written by the client to reach the supplier
» a pay system that allows the online customer to pay to the salesman (online payment, using credit card, PayPal or other methods that protect the customer's safety)
» an administration module for the products catalogue so that you can add products to the online shop or change prices

Facilities :
Products catalogue
» Categories and subcategories of products
» For each product, you can upload a thumbnail, - that is shown in the catalogue and also a detailed description using RTE and its advantages - text formating, photos upload, tables, links.
» Search by category or name
» Sort by different criterias.

Shopping cart
» Different prices lists for reselleri
» User authentification
» Easy Online Administration
» Send a friend module

Integration with any of the following auxiliary modules: events calendar, news administration module, administration of the freqently asked questions (FAQ), newsletter advanced facilities, opinion poll on the website, photo gallery, etc. shown below.

Our Ecommerce shopping carts and online stores will get your business running on the Internet today!

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